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 At Spirit Healing we believe that we are all connected on a higher level  spiritually and energetically, working together to find understanding in everyday life with all our connections.  


Our movement or family as Shelly would call it, is focused on helping individuals move forward in light, love and life.  Finding your happiness through healing from the past, receiving clarity about your future or understanding in everyday life; the present.


We are focused on healing the mind, body and spirit,  energetically and spiritually, through many of our services.  Our groups allow for meeting and networking by reaching out to others alike, potentially learning from each other making valuable connections.  



We also believe that many of us are gifted and need understanding, we all harness gifts and run energetically at different frequencies.  Some of us may feel or sense more than others.  Having knowledge and understanding of what it is you are tapping into and how that energy works, helps you manage every day life and the world around you. 

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