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Empaths live life, feeling, absorbing  and connecting with other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms or ailments, continuously using and accessing your intuition.

When overwhelmed with the impact and effects of stressful emotions or physically feelings of others, a Empath may experience panic attacks, depression, chronic fatigue, or self destruct.  

They may also exhibit other physical symptoms that defy traditional diagnosis, causing confusion for many in diagnosing physical illness. 


Empaths can learn how to center and protect themselves so that they don't feel too much or become overloaded.  They can also learn how to recognize and release the effects of others to lighten every day life, with all the different techniques that can be used, finding one that works for you can be very helpful with everyday life. 


  • Highly sensitive

  • Moody

  • An Introvert

  • Intuitive, have a "knowing"

  • Overwhelmed by intimate relationships

  • A target for emotional vampire


  • Absorb or "feel" other people’s emotions?

  • Need alone time?

  • Have highly tuned senses?

  • Give "to much"?

  • Feel rejuvenated by nature or animals?

  • Have unconventional ailments?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, chances are


Have questions about what it means to be an Empath?

Need to learn how to live life and protect yourself as an Empath?

Are you filtering the world through your intuition, absorbing other peoples feelings, emotions and energy?

Are you a target for Emotional Vampires?


Empathy 101 is a class that Spirit Healing has designed to help manage life as an empath.  We also work one on one with anyone trying to understand the effects and how to manage everyday life living as an Empath.

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