Shelly Wolfe | Spirit Healing
Shelly Wolfe
Intuitive Reader | Reiki Practitioner | Spiritual Adviser | Psychic Medium
How Shelly works: 

Being a intuitive reader, having what she likes to call the gift of sight, she has the ability to run at a higher energetic frequency, allowing her access to read, and reach higher dimensions and energetic states. 


Every reading requires a connection with the higher source (the Creator, Universal and Natural Energy) tapping into the collective consciousness and using what you may call the third eye.    

Shelly then receives information that is imperative to the knowledge and/or healing process for the individual she is reading.  Seeing in the minds or physical eye the information given.

Being able to tap into the collective, the spirit world, the past, present, and future or other dimensions, Shelly is able to answer many questions the individual may have.  Given the gift of sight to see different vibrations and frequencies, or the spirit world, and having the ability to astral for distance work, connecting with other energy and beings has allowed her to provide her clients with a number of services.

Shelly comes from a very gifted family background, her father, a Plains Cree Medicine Man and Reader, her Kookum (Grandmother), a Medium herself, she has been receiving information and guidance of the psychic, spirit and energetic world around her at a very young age, heightening her awareness with time and experience.  Her mother an Acadian (Paris France descendant) also experienced paranormal happenings in her younger years, witnessing somethings most people in her surroundings would not consider to be real, so she would keep information and beliefs to herself.  Both parents, siblings and children have allowed Shelly to embrace and express her gifts, experiences and growth, with love and understanding, some also tapping into their gifts as well. 

Shelly has been practicing for over 11 years now.  During this time she has been reaching new levels of awareness, continuously learning, studying and teaching many aspects of her abilities, the spirit and energetic world, including Energy Therapy. Shelly has been working with people to help heal their mind, body and spirit, on many levels, helping others heal and removing toxic energy they hold within, a psychic healer if you will.  Seeking this type of therapy for the healing process has been known to be very helpful for her clients.  Being able to see intuitively what it is someone needs for their healing process has added something new to the whole aspect of emotional, physical and energetic healing, helping bring balance to her clients.

When working with spirit, Shelly communicates with spirit to help bring closure for all involved, helping spirit cross over, working on emotional energy with both the spirit and living to prevent negative emotions from being carried into the next life, she also helps them to communicate with the living or remove them from a home they no longer have purpose for.  

Shelly with no judgment, uses her abilities to see what it is people need to help them heal from the past, moving forward towards a better future and grow productively in the present.  Having found balance and harmony within her spirit and energy field, she receives information from what she feels is a connection with the Creator.  Having the ability to access natural elements and many of the spiritual gifts, known to some as The Clair's: Seeing, Healing, Feeling and more, she has a knowing of what each individual needs to move forward. One of the many purposes of her practice is to help people of all ages and backgrounds with no boundaries to heal their trinity, mind, body and soul, she believes we all deserve to live life with clarity, enlightenment and happiness.  

Shelly along with her natural abilities and cultural practice, has studied the art of Reiki, Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy".  A Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.


Reiki Practice: Usui Shiki Ryoho | Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho | Mikao Usui Reiki | Usui system (

Certified Level I and II 

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