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My name is Charlie Wolfe. It is my honor to assist you with unlocking your life path numbers. Numerology has always been something I have been interested in since I was a child. Naturally drawn to the how universal grid coincides with who we are as a soul and our life paths! 


Through your special key information that is given to you when you arrived (birth on earth) we will open your door through your Universal Grid. These numbers assist you with who you are as a Soul (Purpose), your Power Surge (Energy) and your Life Path (Direction).


Your numbers tell you everything you need to know as a whole entity,  

your destination and what assistance you have guiding you, this gives you understanding into your destiny, health, relationships and more helping you live life with clarity. 

We look into the date, and day of your birth, your master numbers, and more.  You will learn what guides you and what elements support you. First I do your grid then I contact you via call or video chat to discuss your information. Your Grid will take about an hour and a half to do.  

Drumming: If you would like to have Charlie perform at any of your events please reach out. 

Women’s Warrior Song

Women’s Strength Song

Appreciation Song

Acknowledgment Song 

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