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Readings & Services...

Intitive Readings

Psychic readings can be very powerful and helpful, receiving clarity on many aspects of life can have some outstanding healing effects.  Live life with clarity, who doesn't want that!

Intuitive |Psychic Reading ​

Intuitive Psychic readings can include: 

  • Personal Readings

  • Love and Relationships

  • Past Life Reading

  • Gift Consultations

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Energy Readings/Therapy and More. 

Dream Interpretation

Understanding "message" dreams, can bring confirmation and understanding into your life from the other world.  When you know loved ones are trying to reach out to you to help you make better life choices, warn you, or address urgent matters that pertain to you it can bring clarity to your life. One of the best gifts we can receive from the other world. 

Tip: If you have any specific questions write them down beforehand so you do not forget and we can make the most of your time!   


Clarity Reading ​

Clarity reading: 15 Minute Phone reading 

Clarity reading can be:

  • Follow-up questions from your initial reading

  • Clarity on new & urgent matters.

  • You can also get a Clarity phone reading after initial reading for follow up questions.

Spirit Readings

Spirit Reading

Communicating with spirit is very healing for everyone involved, giving the living some understanding and closure and giving spirit, peace and direction. Having a spirit reading could:

  • Connect you with a loved one

  • Help understand happenings

  • Answer questions about a loved ones passing

  • Help understanding the spirit world  


NOTE: Spirit is not controlled by the reader, you could potentially have more then one spirit come in at the time of the reading. If there are messages for you from the "other world" this would be an opportunity for spirit to do that. 

Soul Chart Reading

With a soul chart reading we will look at your trinity, mind, body and soul, and how it works in conjunction with your life purpose

  • Looking into your origin

  • Checking your poles to see what percent they are functioning at,

  • How they work and how they are related to your gifts/abilities

  • Personality and life's purpose

Past life reading maybe required at the time of your soul chart reading. 

You will receive the paper copy of the soul chart reading to keep

If done remotely, a photo will be sent.

Abilities and Gift Consultations 

Spiritual Gifts | Consultations

If you feel you are gifted, or have evolved with your gifts and need understanding or clarity on what that means

this service would be beneficial to you! 

At Spirit Healing we believe everyone is born gifted. That is why baby's take to some people and not others, or may follow what seems like nothing in the air. Some Children have "imaginary friends" or speak of a loved one who may have passed away.  


These gifts can tend to fade for most as we get older, due to our vibration levels slowing.  However some of us may remain more "in-tune" or run at a higher frequency than others, allowing us to access our gifts and remain sensitive to energies around us.  Life can sometimes be very challenging for children, teens and adults who do this. But by working together, we can potentially bring recognition, understanding and control to these abilities, potentially bringing back balance and harmony into you or your child's life.  


Energy Work/Cleansng

Remote, Touch, or Reiki Therapy

Intuitive reading will be used to see what is physically or emotionally causing pain, what we call "unconventional ailments" things doctors can not diagnose or find with modern technology.

  •  A full scan of your body and mind will be done

  • We will check to see if the ailment is a energy blockage an attachment or a secondary ailment what we like to call "referral pain"

  • Removing stagnate residual imprints and energy in the trinity

  • The work can be performed either remotely or in person.

Through traditional practices we will do our best to remove any stagnate residual energy your fields maybe holding onto, be it in the physical, emotional or energetic body 


The study of Usui Skiki Ryoho will be used in this practice

 Usui Shiki Ryoho | Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho | Mikao Usui Reiki | Usui system (


  • An assessment will be done and the classic practice will be used

  • May request to use some touch therapy if needed 

  • Intuitive reading will be used during assessment

Group Sessions


Practices of the Medicine Wheel will be implemented in the circle

Also the 7 Healing practices, and 5 Stages of Healing will be discussed during a healing circle

A sharing circle, will still have the same practice, but may be structured in another way 

All healing or sharing circles will be custom to the needs of the group

Group readings and Workshops can be fun and entertaining, allowing  friends and family to share the experience. Customize your group with Psychic or Spirit Readings, or choose both a group topic and readings for your guests.  

Group bookings or Workshops can contain:

  • 1/2 to 1 hr group discussion (topics specific to your group) and up to half hour readings for guests (varies with group size) 

  • Vision Board workshop 

  • Empathy 101 workshop

  • Willpower workshop

  • Custom workshops


SPECIAL: If 5 or more people book 1 hour personal readings at $125.00 per person or 1/2 hours readings at $65.00 per person the host (6th person) receives free reading. ($125.00 savings) Plan for a all day event. Max of 8 1 hour readings per booking (including host). 

Available for all types of events.   

For more information or to customize your group booking Contact Us 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Personal Reading Package

One Hour Psychic Reading | 4, 15 Minute Clarity Phone Readings


One Hour Spirit Reading | 4, 15 Minute Clarity Readings


One Hour Energy Therapy | 4, 15 Minute Clarity Readings

Clarity Package

Package contains: Four, 15/20 Minute phone clarity readings on urgent or pressing matters, when you need clarity right away.


For follow up questions after your initial full reading

Many of our dedicated clients have asked to have packages for multiple services. These packages are designed to make our services more affordable when purchased together.

Pick from any of our packages or request a custom package to fit your spirits needs.


These packages are designed to allow you the full experience of many services we have to offer:



One, 1 hour Intuitive Psychic Reading, One Energy or Space Cleansing and One Clarity Package.  


One, 1 hour Intuitive Psychic Reading, One Gift Consultation and One Clarity Package 


One, 1 hour Intuitive Psychic Reading, One Spirit Reading, and One Clarity Package. 


One Psychic Reading, One Spirit Reading, One Space Cleansing, One Energy Cleansing, and One Clarity Package.  

These packages can be used in up to 2-3 different sessions and 4 clarity calls.  Please let us know what services you would like to use at the time of booking.



Customizing your package allows you to get exactly what you need

We work with many of our clients to build their package finding out what services will work best for them

Working with you one on one over a 4-6 week period

Weekly meetings and check ins and accountability




Guiding Spirit off the Land

Trails of past are all around us, and sometimes we find ourselves on sacred land

Making a connection with the peoples lost we can help guide them off the land by sending them home to Creator, releasing them of their earth bound ties, or presenting an offering to share the space, it is a show of respect for them and the shared space 

Remote and In Person Services Available

Spirit/Entity Cleansing
Having an unwanted presence in your home can be very unsettling, especially when you experience strange happenings, paranormal activity or feel them energetically. 

How It Works: During this type of cleansing we enter your home and connect with what or who maybe lingering, trapped or connected with the space.  Once connected we will find out its purpose and decide with your help if it is to be removed.  Before leaving your space, we will protect it with smudging, protective prayer/commands and erect an energetic barrier to prevent the unwanted spirit/entity from returning.

Home and Business Cleansing 

Cleanings of your home or business can be beneficial to the people living or working in the environment

Energy cleansing is no different than the house cleaning we do to maintain it or "keep it clean"

especially in "HIGH TRAFFIC" areas or areas that have a lot of negative interaction

  • We can provide this service for all types of dwellings

  • Bachelor Suits, Apartments, Small & Large Homes

  • Any Size Business

  • Your choice of Cedar, Sweet Grass or Sage is available for Smudging

  • Prices vary with the number or rooms and size of space

  • Can be done remotely 



If you think a Maintenance package would be beneficial to you LET US KNOW!

We can do monthly and quarterly packages that work for you!!  

Notes: Please specify your preferred protective method at time of booking or if you prefer not to use our protective methods.  
Recommended: When cleansing is done remotely smudging with cedar, sweetgrass or sage can not be performed, energetic protections will be done
if you have the product and knowledge to perform it is recommended you do after completion


Available Daily

If you are interested in any one of our packages

 you will be quoted a discounted rate

Book 3 or more hours and receive a discounted rate

Space Cleansing quoted on size of space + Hourly rate

Get a quote for your Space and Group Bookings discounts available! 

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