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Jumping in the Leaves

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Law of Nature

Natural Law: Based upon principles and truth (Inherent to Creation)Harmonized with, due to knowledge and understanding

Universal: Exists and applies anywhere in the universe regardless of location 

Eternal and Immutable: Exists and applies for as long as the universe exists and can not be changed. 


Residual & Congested Energy Residual Energy lingers, is dormant and remains in one space causing  Congested Energy. This congested energy then can become thick and easily felt over time, especially in high traffic areas or if you encounter a lot of conflict (negative energy) in the space.   Congested energy can have negative effects on us and the space we occupy.  The physical and emotional effects it can cause can be very unhealthy for our Mind (mentally), Body (physically), and Spirit (spiritually).   Residual Energy can be brought into our space by many sources, it maybe difficult to recognize who or where it came from. Cleansing ourselves and spaces from this congestion caused by residual energy can be very healing and helpful in our everyday dealings. Keeping a clean, clutter free environment be it in our home or office is a common practice for many. Look at it like "house keeping" for our energetic space.

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