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Embrace the Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing 

​Welcome to Spirit Healing, where the ancient wisdom of Indigenous spirituality meets modern intuitive practices. My name is Shelly, and I am a Metis healer, deeply rooted in the psychic and spiritual practices passed down through generations. My heritage is a tapestry woven from Plains Cree and Acadian threads, with guidance from ancestors like my father, who is a Medicine Man, and nôhkom, my grandmother, who was a Tea Leaf Reader and Medium. Their wisdom and connection to the spiritual realm have shaped my journey and fueled my mission to bridge the ancient and the modern in our paths to healing.

Discover Your Path with Our Unique Services:

  • Intuitive Psychic Readings: Embark on an exploratory journey within, unravelling the mysteries of your life's direction and past incarnations, to illuminate your path with newfound clarity.

  • Energy Healing: Delve into a realm where healing transcends the physical. Through the gentle power of Reiki and the nurturing touch of Touch Therapy, we offer personalized sessions aimed at revitalizing your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Workshops and Group Sessions: Engage in transformative experiences with our group readings, workshops focused on nurturing empathy and strengthening willpower, and gatherings that honour and celebrate the rich tapestry of indigenous wisdom.


"We are all a part of Creation and there is no flaw in the Creator's design. We just may need a little help to get back in touch with who we were meant to be." - Shelly

Matt C., Edmonton

"I wanted to thank you again for the Soul Chart Reading, and for the knowledge you passed to me in the days we met.  I am really starting to embrace this side of me and I am feeling good, better then I have ever been before."

Our Commitment to You:

At Spirit Healing, we believe in the unique gifts of every individual. Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or understanding your own abilities, our services are designed to cater to your personal spiritual journey. We respect and honor all paths, guiding you to rediscover the harmony and balance within.

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