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Spirit Healing has shown me so much these past few years.  I have gained the courage to speak with spirit and not be afraid.  I have also learned how to use and manage my abilities to help spirit cross over.  I learned how to protect and heal the people around me.  I am not longer afraid of spirit, and other things that may be around. I know how my abilities work and understand my place in this world thanks to Spirit Healing.  Shelly has worked on me energetically and protected my home, helped me heal from physical ailments as well she has taught me so much.  All of this thanks to Spirit Healing, I now have more control over my life, and things around me! 

Mary H | Edmonton, AB

Aug 20th, 2020 

I called on Shelly when my child was severely ill in emergency, her condition had taken a turn for the worst.  She was struggling to remain conscious.  As soon as Shelly and I talked she asked if she could work on her energetically, I suddenly felt heat in the room.  I began to sing a song to my daughter her grandmother used to sing, and I put my hands on her back and tummy,  short time later she then opened her eyes and looked at me as if from far away.  At that moment a nurse came in and began to ask her questions.  My daughter was struggling to focus when suddenly I felt her decide to try and come back to us.  She began answering the questions slowly and carefully and within the hour her condition drastically changed, she took a serious turn for the better.  Even the doctors had commented "it never happens this fast, you are very lucky" we were home by that evening. 

Cait P | Edmonton, AB

25 Dec, 2019 

 I heard about Shelly through a mutually family friend, not realizing I knew many of her family members.  I got in contact with her because I was looking for answers regarding my anxiety, depression, and just simple day-to-day struggles.  A few short days after we got into contact, we met, she cleansed my home and myself clearing off all negative energy and brightening my home entirely. I am always asking questions and learning from her as this is something I would like to do in the future. I referred my dad to her because he was looking for answers about his everyday life as well. As a skeptic believer, he drove 5 hours to Edmonton to meet 2 hours with her for a reading and I've never seen him so happy and thankful. There is something contagious about her heartwarming personality, and her positive energy that left me wanting more. Shelly is a mom of 5 beautiful boys, always on the go 24/7 but she still picks up the phone to help. I am fortunate enough to call her my spirit mom and my mentor in the spirit world. Her outlook on life is amazing; she has a special gift she gets to share that is life-changing, thank you Shelly. ♡

Nicole D | Devon, AB

30 Jan 2019 

I have been working with Shelly for the past year to heal my past trauma and PTSD.  Her gifts and ability to heal others has astounded me.  The knowledge of my past that she was able to access without me telling her was truly amazing.  Shelly is a compassionate and empathetic person that I was able to allow into my life to deal with my trauma while at all times feeling safe and supported.  She was able to access the core issues that I had not been able to address through many other healing techniques.

I feel like I am a new person with a new lease on life.  I am able to function in my day and in my relationships with no longer being constantly being triggered.   Thank you Shelly!

Mel R | Edmonton, AB

15 Nov, 2019

I met Shelly through one of my best friends last year, and got to know her a little bit. She helped me through a hard time in my life and really helped me spiritually. During my reading she mentioned that I would relocate and pursue school at some point when I was ready.  I remember her saying that she thought I was going to do well and I would be very happy. When she was describing where I’d be it made a lot of sense and she was right. She described a smaller town, old fashioned down town by the water. I am living in Barrie Ontario, I’m also in school full-time to pursue my career as a personal support worker that I’ve been trying to do over the last couple years, it’s been very challenging but I’ve learned so much!! She also mentioned that I would have a man come into my life, taller than me, medium build, dirty blonde/light brown hair. I believe she mentioned he’s not my usual type but to take my time and to get to know him. I am now dating an amazing man that I met unexpectedly and pretty close to what she described. I was experiencing a heart condition and it was partly to do with spirits visiting me, so she was able to help me with that a lot. She told me to practice self love and how to stay positive, how to talk to the spirits whenever I was feeling symptoms. There was a little bit more to it than that but it definitely helped a lot and I’m forever grateful! She is an amazing woman, always caring for others, and she follows her instincts. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and have her in my life even if it was for a short time <3

Karina D | Barrie, Ontario

8 Dec, 2018

I wanted to share this conversation I had with a client, I did some in-person energy therapy on her and afterwards I did a remote house cleansing for her! I love her response and rather then her sending me a testimonial, I asked if I could copy our conversation we had via text.  Take a look!

5 Jan, 2019 | Samantha H 

Me: How are you doing today?

Client: Shelly, my house feels great! Feels calming and relaxing, we all slept great last night.  No noise and no barking from the puppy.  I even went to switch laundry late at night and didn’t feel like there was a presence of any sort.  My neck and back omg there was no pain at all and I slept like a baby,  thank you so much I needed that!

Me: Awe, happy to hear! 

Client: Id say the work you did on my back and neck was instantly effective.  I usually move around like crazy in pain but I was out and barely moved at all, my husband said he has never seen me in such a deep sleep and stayed quiet beside me trying not to wake me.  I do have major problems staying asleep all the time or even getting any.  

Me: I am so happy the work I did helped, maybe come back for another treatment next week and see if we can keep it up for like a month or so! Check on the difference it makes.  

Client: Yes, I Definitely want to come back for another session and keep going with it! 

This is why I do what I do, and what it is all about .. this is Spirit Healing!  

- Shelly Wolfe

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