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Spirit Healing Testimonials

Burst of Light

Matt C | Edmonton, AB
10 Mar 2021

I wanted to thank you again for the Soul Chart Reading, and for the knowledge you passed to me in the days we met.  I am really starting to embrace this side of me and I am feeling good, better then I have ever been before. 

Burst of Light

Mary H | Edmonton, AB
20 Aug 2020 

Spirit Healing has shown me so much these past few years.  I have gained the courage to speak with spirit and not be afraid.  I have also learned how to use and manage my abilities to help spirit cross over. I learned how to protect and heal the people around me. I am not longer afraid of spirit, and other things that may be around.
I know how my abilities work and understand my place in this world thanks to Spirit Healing. 
Shelly has worked on me energetically and protected my home, helped me heal from physical ailments as well she has taught me so much.  All of this thanks to Spirit Healing, I now have more control over my life, and things around me! 

Burst of Light

Shania K| Edmonton, AB
26 Oct 2017

During the empath session I felt so welcomed, I felt as if I belonged to a group of people that understood what an "empath" means. I went into this session not really 100 percent sure what i was getting myself into, but the welcoming feeling I had I new it was indeed my empath lazer going off! So not only did I find out I was an empath but I was given so many postive practices on how to control these feelings and emotions. I also learned that dropping the energy vampires and doing my postive practice techniques daily is a the best way to embrace this amazing gift. I can't wait for the next Q&A session! Such an amazing group of people and such an educational class.

Burst of Light

Erica S | Vancouver, BC
22 Jul 2017

I have known of Shelly for some time now and finally had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time in the summer of 2017. As soon as she walked into my house I could feel her amazing strong energy. I have never let her know anything about me, only because I'm a semi private person. On the third day of her being here in Vancouver I asked her to do a reading. To my surprise everything I was going through at that time she felt or read it and we went from there! I was left after her reading wanting more and felt very reassured about what needed to be done. I believe Shelly has a beautiful gift & a way to help others heal. I absolutely loved her energy and can't wait for another reading from her.
Thank you Shelly :)

I wanted to share this conversation I had with a client, I did some in-person energy therapy on her and afterwards I did a remote house cleansing for her! I love her response and rather then her sending me a testimonial, I asked if I could copy our conversation we had via text.  Take a look!

5 Jan, 2019 | Samantha H 

Me: How are you doing today?

Client: Shelly, my house feels great! Feels calming and relaxing, we all slept great last night.  No noise and no barking from the puppy.  I even went to switch laundry late at night and didn’t feel like there was a presence of any sort.  My neck and back omg there was no pain at all and I slept like a baby,  thank you so much I needed that!

Me: Awe, happy to hear! 

Client: Id say the work you did on my back and neck was instantly effective.  I usually move around like crazy in pain but I was out and barely moved at all, my husband said he has never seen me in such a deep sleep and stayed quiet beside me trying not to wake me.  I do have major problems staying asleep all the time or even getting any.  

Me: I am so happy the work I did helped, maybe come back for another treatment next week and see if we can keep it up for like a month or so! Check on the difference it makes.  

Client: Yes, I Definitely want to come back for another session and keep going with it! 

This is why I do what I do, and what it is all about .. this is Spirit Healing!  

- Shelly Wolfe

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