2nd Annual Vision Board Workshop

 January 11th, 2020

Had an AMAZING time with ALL these Ladies, at our Second Annual Vision Board Workshop.  I loved to see the individuality in each and everyone's life goals and dreams! I can not wait for it to all unfold! <3

A special THANKS to Reiki Master Teacher, Melissa Russet for her guidance in the grounding ceremony and manifestation meditation.  We were blessed to have you attend! 

I look forward to our next one ;) 

Master Your Manifestation Workshop January 12th, 2019


-Maybe my first step in all this but definitely in the right direction....

-Thanks, great afternoon! I am going to try to think positive and reaffirm myself, so crazy how negative I see I am now.  Time for change...

-Thank you so much for a wonderful eye opening experience today.  I've never stopped to think about me.  I've always been the caregiver and protector, of my siblings growing up and then being a young mom.  For the first time in longer then I can think, I could actually picture putting myself care first.  I am so grateful for today! I am already feeling like a different me... a better me.

-It's amazing how much energy was radiating thru me today. Was soooo warm just sitting there. I feel vibrant! 

-Thank you so much for yesterday! I had a great time... 

- Was an excellent day :) thank you! 

-It is very tough for me to open up and bring myself to do things like this, that include people I don't know.  You guys made me feel very comfortable and I am very happy to have been a part of this wonderful experience...

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