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Our Partners

We work with other people in our community to bring you services that will promote your spiritual and mental well-being.

If you or anyone you know wants to join our movement and share services that are helpful in the healing process, contact us!

Royston Frederick's Alternative Therapies 

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Royston Frederick's Alternative Therapies

Royston Frederick specializes in chronic pain management by using various energetic therapies. These therapies range from Aura, Chakra and Acupuncture Meridian balancing. To learn more about the treatments provided by Royston Frederick's Alternative Therapies please click the link below.

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Royston Frederick

RMT, CNMT, Reiki Level III, and Reconnective Healing Level III.

Royston is an intuitive and passionate individual who specializes in chronic pain management, through the balancing of Qi energy within the acupuncture meridian system of the body. Some of these therapies include balancing the body’s magnetic field or aura, which also includes various layers within the body’s energetic systems. 

Energy therapies are treatments geared towards invoking your body’s natural and intuitive ability to heal by shifting your state of being using natural processes to bring back balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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Lissette Guajardo



I initially found Yoga through Meditation back in my home country of Chile, I was in my late teens. The journey has been incredible for me. It has allowed me the facets and tools to bring my spiritual life into a daily tranquil practice giving me a lifestyle that is meaningful.


This wonderful gift was missing in my life, the inner peace I so yearned. I now continue to study and evolve, I feel so blessed to have this in my life. Most importantly, I greatly enjoy sharing the philosophies

I have learnt through my practice.

I currently teach Yoga and Meditation to children, seniors, couples

and as well as privet sessions in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I’m proud to say that I was also one of the karma yogis at

One Yoga For the People back in Nov 2015-2017.

I trained under Anna Laurita in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in her studio, the Davannayoga Shala.

The Davannayoga style has a lineage including:

Srivatsa Ramaswami (30 year student of Krishnamacharya),

Master Duncan Wong, Baptiste Marceau, Sharon Gannon and David Life.

This style has a short lineage to a Master teacher who trained many of the leading teachers in the world including Sri Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar.

Big Love, Lissette Guajardo

Inner Peace Fitness
Yoga, Mediation, Personal Training
Vancouver BC, Canada

Healing Transitions

Healer, Death Dula and Meditation

Vancouver, BC Canada 

In addition to the amazing work  Lissette Guajardo offers through yoga and meditation instruction,

she also offers Holistic care & support for those at the end of life.  


Lessette has been certified to help you and your family through this transitional time between life & death.  

To learn more,



 As a  prophetess, SistaLove would be considered an Oracle, guiding you towards your desired outcomes. With 20 years experience, she has been using her clairvoyant gift,  with that extra special connection to the light.  Her vessel has been doing psychic readings using Tarot and/or intuitively.  

Using the Thoth tarot deck SistaLove opens up her clairvoyant ability and it helps her to see and feel information that is pertinent to you, and your situation or question(s). The deck she uses gave her, her first clairaudient experience (hearing a voice outside normal consciousness) It said, "This is your deck" when she was 16. 


SistaLove brings Insight to many aspects of your life, be it personal goals, grounding and focus or breaking patterns.  Spirit has also presented itself, however she may not be seasoned in Mediumship, she just lets it happen at the will of the universe.  

A being divinely created, born out of divine love, to bring light and love to you, she believes the answers are within you, she will just merely show you the way...


Psychic Drag Queen | Tarot Card Reader

Prophetess | Clairvoyant 

"I love helping people, I especially love guiding people who seek assistance and are willing to take the information and work towards their goals"

- SistaLove 

Contact Email:

Phone: 1(780) 292-4489

Edmonton, AB Canada

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