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Stacey Wolfe
Traditional Teachings / Intervention and Prevention 

About Stacey:


Stacey Wolfe was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and spent most of her childhood as an Inner City kid. As a young woman and first time teen mom, she had permanently moved to Saskatchewan in hopes to change the dangerous lifestyle she was living.


Stacey is a Metis (Cree) woman and Knowledge Keeper, who has used her childhood adversity and life's obstacles as a way to strengthen her
life skills, making it possible for her to help others, she is a mother of three incredibly intelligent daughters two of whom have already graduated, knowing that they will have choice for a better future, and not challenged by the hardships of street life and poverty. She
 used self awareness and self care with the help of Human Resources to better the quality of life for her and her children, she understands that poverty is very diverse and it knows no boundaries that it has a strong grip on many inner city families, across the prairies, into farmlands, small towns and even well off families. She believes poverty has many faces and if we do not look into the details of one's story, we often miss what one is truly facing. 


Her very foundation was built off the awareness that she to needed help, not knowing how to navigate life without it she started reaching out for it. Wanting peace of mind she had to think of her obstacles and what she needed, and started to think, what could she have been told or shown as a child to prevent the inevitable. Poverty is a real thing and she had to acknowledge what she was doing just to survive. 


Overcoming life's circumstances, prior to becoming a Child and Youth Service Worker, she chose to join a team that only focused on the realities of street life, traveling to schools on and off Reservations teaching Gang Intervention and Prevention. This was a program her husband felt many Inner City children needed, Rob Papin joined up with the University of Alberta to publish this program which she chose to carry on in his legacy hoping that their stories will help change the minds and lives of our youth and provide them with recourses to help make the steps forward for a positive change in their life.  

Stacey was strongly encouraged by her own daughter's success to go back to school where she had graduated, and now has a background working with youth and ageing out single parents. A passion she has had for the past 20 years, for her own personal acknowledgement with integrity she studied for 4 years and was certified in the following:

  • Indigenous awareness with levels 1,2,3,4 from the Saskatoon Chambers of Commerce

  • Child and Youth Service Worker with certifications in Early Childhood Development 

  • Child Development in Trauma, Grief, and Loss,

  • Child Psychology 

  • And many of the fundamentals that support; Advocacy in Poverty, Addictions and Empowerment


Alongside of and thanks to the teachings and support of her father, a First Nations Medicine Man she has had the honour of learning Traditional Teachings. He survived segregation and assimilation using his knowledge and strong bond with his cultural teachings and has always supported, and encouraged her place and purpose. 


With her educational back ground and traditional teachings of her father, Stacey feels it has opened the doors for her to be supported in teaching:

  • The medicine wheel

  • Support the conducting of the Kairos Blanket Exercise

  • Support future operation of a Sweat Lodge.


Stacey decided she wanted to know the brain and its power, she has personal knowledge and experience of the harm it can do but even more amazing what it can do after the damage is done... Repair, Heal, Reinvent, and Discovery.

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