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Blurry Lights

A look at the past... 


Archived : 

Sept/Oct/Nov, 2018

People often make the mistake of thinking Spirit is a Demonic presence, but Spirit is nothing to be afraid of, and by far Demonic.  I like to say as in life so in passing.  Spirit for most part is just like you and I, and I have yet to meet anyone who has been "hurt" by Spirit.  Spirit is in a space where time and borders do not exist, waiting to move on to their next Soul Purpose. 

Some people may feel what Spirit felt emotionally and/or physically when they are in tune energetically, but Spirit does not have the power to hurt you or manipulate your existence like Demonic presence.  Some Spirit may demand your attention by moving objects, opening doors, maybe even give you a cold sensation across your body, some people will even witness glitches in electronics or lighting, these types of happenings are very common and do not hurt us physically.  

Spirit may choose to stay with a loved one, letting them know they are present with paranormal activity or may just need help crossing over, next time you feel a presence or see the shadow out of the corner of your eye, light a candle the light is safe and they will be welcome there, then ask them if they would like to cross over.  


The lions gate is open, don't let it hinder you! If you are not a Leo this gates opening can hinder you energetically, allowing spirit and energies to run a muck!  With knowledge of this comes power! Control your energy! You are more than capable. <3 Light and Love Fam! 


July is here and YES we are on our new path! Some are seeing the changes and shifts in a positive new direction, after the effects of the last few months and the energetic pulls!  2018 has been like a wind storm!  We are feeling HAPPY and Enlightened ONCE AGAIN! 

We have all had some learning curves with everything that is going on, but that is OK, embrace it ;)  We are seeing a lot of natural cleansing happening in the world right now, as a forest is to burn down to start new growth such is life in us, we need to shed the old in order to bring in the new, it is part of our are personal evolution process. 

Watch for another shift coming up at the end of July, it will bring some emotional shifts and changes. 

I look at 2018 as the year of change, and learning (we are not going crazy) <3 Evolution is not always easy, but definitely worth it !

Light and love :) 

April, May & June.. A huge shift in our spirit body is happening we are evolving into the next wave or level of heighten awareness.  It will be and already has been a tough few months for some, almost like we are purging to allow something new and beautiful to come in, know you are not alone in this journey.  So many are experiencing these feelings. Please feel free to reach out if you want or need help moving forward and understanding what's happening, or if you want to know what the next level looks like for you. Light and love :) 

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